• To Peter and Michael. 

    A belated thank you to both of you for your efforts in organising and running the event in 2018. Once again it was a great event and I look forward to joining you again next year - if possible. 

    Many thanks. 

    kind regards, 



    Michael Coghlan - Australia

  • Dear all women and guys from the TOC

    What a great tournament. Highly professional organisation and a perfect execution. Thanks to all for this big work. I was glad to be a part of the Raffles community and looking forward to the next
    Best and warm regards

    Wolfgang Krebs - Indonesia

  • Thanks all for a great week of Golf, frivolity, and friendship. Outstanding organisation from a very committed team. 
    Greg Welsh and the Geelong Crew

    Greg Welsh & the Geelong crew - Australia

  • Mike , many thanks to you and all those involved in the golf week and club championship events and preparations .

    most enjoyable and ran smoothly , i thoroughly enjoyed myself .

    regards jeff dow :-)


    Jeff Dow - Australia

  • Dear TOC / Committee,
    Thanks to you and all others involved  for a great event which was well organized.

    Kees Valk - Indonesia

  • Hi Peter

    Thanks once again for allowing me to play as a guest with Raffles last week, I will keep in contact next time I travel to Bali. 

    Greg Hetherington - Australia

  • Peter, Tony, Barry and Crew

    Thanks for putting on a great week of golf!
    Really well organised, particularly the Championship.
    Appreciate the time and level of work necessary to put it all together.

    Ross Keating - Australia

  • Hey Peter. Thanks for the other day at New Kuta the course is amazing. ..I won't be there today, but i will see you tomorrow at Bali National. ..cant wait  

    Steve Caple - Australia

  • I would like to pass on my congratulation to you and the organising committee for this years championships, it is well organised, the information is top rate and I get the general feeling that Raffles is back on track and being well run.
    May I make one suggestion, but excuse my ignorance and lack of inside information, has the committee considered obtaining payment from participants up front for the entire week, that is using the pay pal invoice for everything that they have marked on their entry form, including New Kuta green fees, championship fee payment, etc, this may save time at check in and registration, particularly with increasing number of participants. I personally found the pay pal invoice handy and a convenient way to pay for Mon, Tue and Wed and would save people having to bring large sums of cash to Bali and I would assume be more convenient to Raffles, it would certainly put the onus on the individuals and relieve some of your burden.
    Thanks again for an extremely well run series of events this week.

    Trevor Syme - Australia

  • Dear Peter, Tony, Barry and Crew

    Thanks and congratulations for putting on such a great golf week!

    The organisation was terrific, particularly the championship days.

    I appreciate the time and hard work you have all had put in to pull it all together!

    Thanks and all the best.

    Ross Keating - Australia

  • Thank you for your help, and also thank you for giving us such a great week.  It’s absolutely the highlight of the golf year for me, and your hard work is very much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Patrick Herlihy - Taiwan

  • Dear Tony, Peter and the Raffles Board.

    May I say a quick thank you to all of you for your fantastic efforts in organising and running the wonderful Raffles Golf Week over the past week. From the outside, everything looked like it was running to plan, and many Raffles players told me it is the best week of golf in Asia! Praise well deserved to you all.


    Ian Wedding

    Ian Wedding - Indonesia

  • Please put me in for Monday I'd love to play Bali National again it would put the icing on the cake of a tremendous week with yourself and Raffles.
    Rob Kelly

    Robert Kelly - China

  • Great to read of the clubs growth and the stats on rounds played, etc.  I have just got home from Perth after another sensational 2 weeks in Bali and a couple of rounds with the Raffles crew  -  the second year I have played with the group on my annual family pilgrimage to Bali.

    Once again, i most appreciated the hospitality extended by Raffles, and i have come to value my affiliation with the Club. 

    I look forward to my next visit to Bali and the accompanying games of golf and fellowship with the crew at Raffles.

    Thanks again and look forward to catching up soon.

    John Perryman - Perth - Australia

  • Dear Rafflers,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join and play with Raffles golf whilst on my recent visit to Bali.  It was an unexpected pleasure to play and one I had not prepared for, because my tentative enquiries had determined that golf was prohibitively expensive in Bali.  I therefore arrived completely unprepared, however, having purchased some cheap balls, tees, a hat, wearing sand shoes and using clubs kindly made available by an absent member, I was fortunate to manage 5 rounds of golf, in the excellent company of a number of different members and guests.

    It made my holiday and for that I am very grateful and look forward to meeting you all again soon.  Please pass on my sincere thanks to all.

    Kind regards

    Steve Reeves
    Coolum G C, Sunshine Coast

    P.S. Please tell John 'Sambo' Samson that one of the greatest pleasures was taking 150000 from him and I look forward to repeating this pleasure in the near future!  No, seriously, my thanks to him for organising the loan of the same set of clubs, JW's, for 4 of my 5 rounds.  

    Steve Reeves - Coolum GC Sunshine Coast - Australia

  • Hi Guys

     I wanted to thank you again for a great day we had a few weeks ago at NKG, you guys organize a great comp in a friendly environment.

    Rob and my son Ben were also very impressed, and look forward to another challenge when we visit next.

    Jeff Stephenson
    Mt Lawlley G C, Perth

    Jeff Stephenson - Mt Lawlley GC, Perth - Australia

  • Just thinking about Raffles this morning.

    WITHOUT FAIL everyone I have brought to play with the group has commented on what a great bunch of blokes and how welcoming everyone is.

    Just wanted to thank you for making all this happen - I don't get to play as often as I'd like but with your help, when I do play and when I do bring guests, you've created an event that is the highlight of many visitors holiday.

    Craig McKenzie
    Kuta, Bali

    Craig McKenzie - Kuta Bali - Australia

  • Hey Raffles,
    Well that was it, been and gone. I just thought I’d send you a quick email to thank you and all of Raffles for your great hospitality over the week. We couldn’t have wished for a better trip. Everything from our first day at Nusa Dua to the Party at Dona & Risto villa was sensational. Some of the memories we all took home, you couldn’t put a price on.
    But to you Mark as my contact, a huge thank you for all your time in helping with the organization. The emails that went back and forth and your time were greatly appreciated. Without the Raffles team of organisers it wouldn’t have run so smoothly.
    I will also send and e-mail to the GM on New Kuta thanking him.
    We are already organizing our trip for next year.
    Once again huge thanks to all Raffles members, and see you all again soon.
    Kindest Regards,
    Derrick Richardson
    Bunbury Golf Club

    Derrick Richardson - Bunbury Golf Club - Australia