Relief Cart Path

Hole 3 at New Kuta seems to create a lot of confusion. with players commonly taking 2 club lengths from the cart path (point   Z )  which would incur a 2 stroke penalty.


The landing area is quite narrow for the medium hitters and many of the players seem to have their ball uncontrollably drawn to the right of the fairway with their ball ending up in the lateral water hard to the right of the cart path.

So how do we proceed?  Playing the game properly the player should take 2 club lengths from the lateral hazard (point X the point of entry) using the club he next intends to use.  This will inevitably mean they will be dropping on the cart path.  Or on occasion on the part of the rough that slopes back toward to the cart path. 

So what to do? 

Playing in accordance with the rules the player should first proceed with Rule 26 Water Hazards (including lateral water hazards) and drop at point  this point may either be on the cart path or in the rough 

First scenario lets assume point 1   is on the cart path. 

Determine the nearest point of relief (from the Lateral Water Hazard) and drop the ball.  Inevitably the ball will roll back into the water hazard.  So drop again at the selected nearest point of relief - carefully watching where the ball first strikes the cart path, if the ball rolls back into the hazard then this point is marked. The player then proceeds in accordance with 24-2. Immovable Obstruction. ((point   Y ) 

So drop without penalty, within one club-length & not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief, the ball must first strike a part of the course at a spot that avoids interference by the immovable obstruction.  Again if the ball does not stay within 1 club-length or finishes closer to the hole ball is to be Re-Dropped.  On the second drop if the ball does not remain within 1 club -length or is closer the hole then the ball must be placed where it first came into contact with the course. 



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