Relief Bridge Over Hazard

On a few holes at New Kuta Golf we have small bridges that pass over water hazards.  Many players believe that as the cart path  / bridge is an immovable obstruction and as such they are entitled to free relief.

Unfortunately, this can not be further than the truth. whilst the bridge is an immovable obstruction Rule 24-1 "Note 1: I f a ball is in a water hazard (including a lateral water hazard), the player may not take relief from interference by an immovable obstruction. The player must play the ball as it lies or proceed under Rule 26-1.

So the player may play the ball as it lies.  Note that the player may ground their club on the obstruction with out penalty as per;

Decision 13-4/30 Grounding Club on Bridge in Water Hazard

Q. A player’s ball lies on a bridge over a water hazard within the margins of the hazard when extended upwards. May the player ground his club?

A. Yes. A bridge is an obstruction. In a hazard, the club may touch an obstruction at address or in the backward movement for the stroke – see Note under Rule 13-4. Touching the bridge prior to address is also permissible, since an obstruction in a water hazard is not “ground in the hazard”.

This applies even if the bridge has been declared an integral part of the course 





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