New Ground Work Hole 17

The management has been establishing some new tee boxes and greens at New Kuta golf which may come in use in the future.

As such hole 17 on the left hand side which was orginally all lateral hazard has had some major reconstruction work.  The ground has been built up leaving a definate bank from approximately th 200 metre mark through to 90 metres from the green.

At 130 metres to 90 metres a new green is being established in what was a lateral hazard. This section is now marked with Blue Stakes and White lines. 

Here in lies the problem, from the tee box you hit a drive which heads left of the fairway and into the schmutz.

So in the Diagram above;

  • It must be know or virtually certain that your ball has crossed of the Lateral Hazard Margin to be able to take relief with a penalty under Rule 26 (Point A)
  • This is not generally an issue, even if you do not find your ball, however;
  • If your ball crosses over the GUR margin (Point B) (140 - 90 metres from the green) and you find your ball then as per the NKG local rule players MUST take relief (it is prohibited to play from within the area marked as GUR. But, here is where golf can be cruel
  • If your ball crosses over the GUR margin (140 - 90 metres from the green) and you are unable find your ball then you must procees in accordance with Rule 27 - Lost Ball.

It is therefore adviseable that a player plays a provisional ball Rule 27-1