Casual Water Putting Green

The Greens at New Kuta drain fairly quickly, however, on occasion after a heavy rain there is still some water on the greens.  On occasion, the water is preventing you to put out and so under the Rules of Golf, the player is able to take nearest point relief.

Rule 25-1b(iii)

(iii) On the Putting Green: If the ball lies on the putting green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard or, if complete relief is impossible, at the nearest position to where it lay that affords maximum available relief from the condition, but not nearer the hole and not in a hazard. The nearest point of relief or maximum available relief may be off the putting green 


Decision 25-1b/10.5 explains the procedure when the nearest point of relief does not actually provide complete relief from the casual water (i.e. the casual water is still blocking the player to put out because of the casual water is still between the ball and the hole.


Casual Water on Putting Green; Whether Player Entitled to Relief for Intervention If Ball Is on Green and Nearest Point of Relief Is Off Green


In Diagram X, a player’s ball lies at Point 1 in casual water on the putting

green. In Diagram Y, a player’s ball lies at Point 1 on the putting green with

casual water intervening on his line of putt.  


Under Rule 25-1b(iii), the player is not entitled to place the ball at Point 4, which is on the green, because Point 4 is farther from Point 1 than either Point 2 or Point 3, both of which are off the green. It would seem that Point 2 may be the correct point because there is no relief if a ball lies off the green and casual water on the green intervenes on the line of play. In taking relief must the player place the ball at Point 2 or Point 3?


Since, in both diagrams, the ball lies on the putting green, the player is

entitled to relief with respect to the lie of the ball and intervention on his

line. Accordingly, in either case the player must place the ball at Point 3, the nearest point which affords complete relief with respect to both situations.



Also note: when the hole is surrounded by casual water as per

Decision 33-2d/2 Hole Surrounded by Casual Water


If all the area around a hole contains casual water, in stroke play the course should be considered unplayable and the Committee should suspend play under Rule 33-2d. In match play, the Committee should relocate the hole.


Rule 33-2d. Course Unplayable




If the Committee or its authorised representative considers that for any reason the course is not in a playable condition or that there are circumstances that render the proper playing of the game impossible, it may, in match play or stroke play, order a temporary suspension of play or, in stroke play, declare play null and void and cancel all scores for the round in question. When a round is cancelled, all penalties incurred in that round are cancelled.








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