Handicap Information

Raffles Golf Bali follows the USGA Handicap System and therefore we are providing our members with some additional information. 

All Players in accordance with the USGA handicapping manual "to post an 18-hole score, the player must play at least 13 holes under the Rules of Golf. (See Decisions 5-1a/3 through 5-1a/5.)"
Non completed holes are recorded as a net par for handicapping purposes. Note: Golf Australia Handicapping system has different regulations. For details check the handicapping section 

USGA Handicap System FAQ directory on  USGA website. 
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USGA Course Rating™ and USGA Slope Rating® for each set of tees that is rated.
The rating established for the scratch golfer is known as the Course Rating.
Here is the information for our home course New Kuta Golf. 

Course Tee Course Rating Slope Rating
New Kuta Golf Red 71.4 130
White 68.7 124
Blue 71.4 132
Par Gold 73.5 138
72  Black 75.9 144


Course Handicap Formula & Calculator 

Handicap Index® multiplied by Slope Rating® of tees played, divided by Standard Slope Rating (113) = Answer (rounded to nearest whole number, .4 rounds down and .5 rounds up)

Example: 10.4 Handicap Index x 125 Slope Rating / 113 Standard Slope Rating = 11.5 = 12 Course Handicap

So in this case for New Kuta Golf Blue Tees with a HCP Index of 9.0 Playing off of NKG Blue Tees Slope rating 132 

9 x 132 =1188 /113  = 10.51   thus you would be playing off of 11 at NKG Blue

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USGA Handicap Manual click here to download file pdf
Raffles New System using USGA Handicap formula click here to download file pdf
USGA System Guide The USGA Handicap System Reference Guide click here to download file pdf
Course Handicap Tables for Slope Rating click here to download file pdf