11 Oct 2017

Registration for games

To assist members & guests in registering, there are two options provided. Either directly from our website or via the weekly game schedule email sent to members.

Registering for away games and any guests you invite to play is essential for both the away course and our planning.

If you have registered and circumstances require you to cancel, please follow the steps provided on our website.


  • Go to Raffles Golf Bali Website & game-schedules
  • Find the game you wish to play and click register
  • Members input or membership number eg 1201, 0006
    • Guests input your details Index and playing hcp etc
    • If you don't have an email the enter
  • You will receive a confirmation email
    • Guests note that you will have an 4 digit ID number - take note as this will enable registering for other games easier next time
  1. Our data management system follows the Australian Privacy Policy 
  2. Registration for all games is also helpful for the convener to set up the game on the day/scoring etc
  3. Email addresses are important to enable notification of any changes in venue. 
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